Greetings and Salutations from Buckingham Palace!

Her Royal Highness, Queen Victoria, would like to invite all subjects of the Realm (Past, Present and Future) to a public Symposium of the latest Steam Inventions and Contraptions by some of the Finest Minds around the World.

Food, Magic, Merriment, Musicians and The Queen’s Masquerade Ball promise Fun for All. The Gala Festivities will be held on the RMS Queen Mary on January 13-16, 2012.

Be sure to get your tickets soon and plan on starting the New Year right!

Join us this holiday weekend and enjoy all that the Queen Mary has to offer in addition to one of the most exciting Steampunk conventions to date. Not only do we have entertainment, gaming, exhibitions and haunted tours, but we are connecting the cogs with a Russian Submarine.

You’ll be amazed and impressed with the Ship and her crew all the while moving back in time with the royal family and their Hollywood guests of the period.

Corseted Femme Scientists, Dastardly Air Pirates, Time Travelers, Inventors, SkyShip Captains, Tinkerers and Gentlemen Explorers Galore!

Things to Delight the Senses, Tempt the Sensibilities, and Alter the Mind.

Gather for Workshops, Author Readings, Games, and Dances aboard the Queen Mary.

We invite you to totally immerse yourself for the weekend in a Themed Environment.

Socializing, Pictures, A Chance to See and to Be Seen.

Come show off your Best Outfits and vie for the titles of Lord and Lady Steampunk, to be awarded Saturday Night at the Queen’s Masquerade Ball.

We encourage all Live Action Role Players to come on board!

We will be having:
~ A Murder Mystery
~ Vampire: the Masquerade
~ Cthulhu Live
and other LARP games going on, as well as a team of mystics and mediums doing ghost-chasing and ghost–busting throughout the ship.

Our major event, the Queen’s Masquerade Ball to be held Saturday night, with musical acts and entertainers to please the most jaded Sybarite.

A Midnight Buffet and Signature Steam Drinks will also be available!

If you survive the night, you can toast the dawn Sunday morning at our Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast!

We will eat, drink Bloody Marys and attempt to wake the Dread Lord from his slumber in R’lyeh….