About Us

Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium is now in its 4th year and what better way to celebrate this than a 4 day extravaganza.  We are committed to bringing you yet another interesting and original show and hope that you will be as intrigued, entertained and astounded as the prior years.

Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Steam, has commanded that her beloved subjects are to be reminded of the true mean of awe-struck during the HRM Steampunk Symposium.  To meet this endeavor, we invite you to join us in celebrating Carnivale, with all the implications this title brings.  From a game galley for children of all ages to wandering wonders.  We will have sultry evenings of song, hosted by the ineffable THEE BLUEBEARD, you will be reeling from the excitement of our unique Steampunk phenomenon.

Join us on the iconic Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, during Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend (January 16-19th), for our 4th annual HRM Steampunk Symposium.  For those who have not joined us before, the venue gives any visitor a truly immersive feeling, as if you had been thrust back in time to when dapper gentlemen walked arm-in-arm with elegant ladies along the galley surrounded by a visual fete of period refinement.  With the ship’s haunted reputation, spying sneaking villains, coal-dust covered engineers or raiding airship pirates would be unsurprising, making this one of the perfect venues for our Steampunk pageantry.  We will also be exploring unique areas of the vessel with original sights and sounds to keep you amused.