Lantern City

HRMSS is proud to welcome aboard Bruce Boxleitner’s LANTERN CITY. This new Steampunk television series is set to premiere  and we are bringing you the


This is the main registration page for tickets to the convention itself. Individual days tickets can be purchased as well as full weekend packages that

Performers & Luminaries

A group comprised of Evil Geniuses, Femme Fatales, Mad Scientists, Rogues, Pirates, Thugs, Minions, Anarchists, and general Evil Doers bent on taking over the world


Friday Night Dance Flying in from our nation’s capitol, DJ Debbie Daviswill have us swinging and swaying; just long enough forLee Presson and the Nails’ jump-swing

Welcome to the Symposium!

“Greetings and Salutations from Buckingham Palace… Her Royal Highness, Queen Victoria, would like to invite all subjects of the Realm (Past, Present and Future) to


The Queen Mary is a wonderous adventure and truly immersive environment for our annual extravaganza.  Should you wish to stay on the Queen Mary during